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Purchasing second-hand printers a good idea?

In the motoring world, it is generally agreed that purchasing second-hand is a brilliant idea. Cars are one of the many items that lose a large proportion of their value as soon as they transform from new to used, regardless of how much they are used, so buyers can save huge amounts of cash by buying second-hand cars that are still in good condition. With printers, businesses get the exact same deal. Click to read more…

A smart decision

The market for second-hand printers is often extremely active, because of the bargains that are on offer for perfectly usable pieces of kit. It’s particularly common for consumers to opt for second-hand office printers, because these are typically far pricier than domestic printers and are designed to last far longer. That means businesses can expect to save far more cash on their purchase and still have a lengthy spell without having to replace a faulty part.

Printer maintenance


It is the fear of having to splash out on replacement parts which prevents many buyers from taking advantage of low-cost second-hand printers. As with second-hand cars and most electronic gadgets, the likelihood of a part needing to be replaced will be higher depending on the age of the printer. However, unlike second-hand cars, there are only a few components to a printer which could potentially needed replacing and many of them are relatively inexpensive. Separation pads range from £5-£20 depending on the brand. Rollers will eventually wear out but can be priced similarly same depending on the size. A fuser is the major part of the printer and will also be likely to wear out after a certain amount of prints. Nevertheless, this can still be replaced for less than the price of a brand new model.

Use a trusted supplier


In order to weigh up the pros and cons of their purchase, buyers will need to pay close attention to some important details about the printer. Ideally, they will be able to make their purchase from a trusted supplier, which only stocks quality second-hand printers and can provide accurate stats about the level of its usage. 

Buyers might be able to get a better deal on eBay, but they are often playing a dangerous game when it comes to the strength of the information about the product. Ideally, it’s best to approach the purchase like anyone would for a second-hand car. Do your research, consider the potential maintenance costs and find a trustworthy buyer. Those who do this should be confident in their ability to find a quality second-hand printer.

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