At MainIT Store, we buy used IT devices that will be judged by our company’s strong structure and mechanisms. With 3 years of experience, we are enjoying a solid position in the industry.

However, we accept the IT equipment across North America and West Africa. Our team may also advise you in terms of what is better in favor of your devices. You can find our contact details here on our website.

We have exquisite professionals that can replace your problematic equipment with a good amount. They know how to guard your devices and make them active properly again.

We are capable of renewing all old IT equipment and collecting from you whatever you want to sell to us.

Have you ever wondered if you could resell your used IT equipment instead of scrapping it?

The devices we are working upon:





Storage Devices


Camera & Video Devices

Networking devices


Services & Cloud

Objectives why you may sell your used IT equipment

Getting a good amount in return for your used IT equipment is what people desire the most. People commonly want to buy new products instead of getting their old products repaired.

Companies that have invested revenue in the new hardware upgrade are the ones that are receiving perfect profitable results. This adds betterment to their working achievements and improves their reputation.

Most significantly, selling your IT devices can help the environment by propagating sustainability. It provides a new lifeline by converting them into the latest versions. The equipment that is considered scrap or very old to be resold can be easily disposed of or recycled in the kind of sustainability support.

Modern technologies are the primary reason people switch to new IT devices, the current updates make it easy for them to finish their work efficiently. This encourages them to sell their used devices.

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