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We are inviting you to partner with us on selling your company’s used IT equipment. We ensure you great reach of execution of your used IT devices. Our team has the expertise to satisfy your needs and know the exchange process.

Phase 1 Clarification and Partnership agreement

At first, we have to analyze if your used IT equipment or device is appropriate for reselling. If your device is marked yes for reselling we create a formal agreement, where mainitsol will trace a probable buyer for this device.

Phase 2 Register and test - Delete data - Documentation

When we got the buyer, we clarify the price, shipping costs, and the pickup date. We will also decide the terms and conditions if there is any non-functionality or has any damage to your IT device. For this process, you may provide us with the details of your device’s working period.

Phase 3 Disposing of non-functional equipment

When you hand over your used IT equipment to us we send that to our warehouse, where we register and test your IT equipment. If you leave your data on the device, we will carefully delete all data on the devices and develop a documentation report for the data elimination, for extra charges.

Phase 4 Reselling functional equipment

After the removal of data, the used IT device will then be sent through shipping to the purchaser of the equipment. When they collect the equipment, they will have limited time to examine the equipment, in terms of the verification of whether or not the used device is in their obedience.

Phase 5 Settle account

The last phase is reviewing our agreement. This states the process that we look into our agreement in detail, to acknowledge that everything has gone according to the procedure.

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