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Why you should buy Refurbished Servers

Buying secondhand phones is customary but not advisable. On the other hand, buying refurbished servers is being recommended. Now, many of you would ask, aren’t they the same? Refurbished is different from plain secondhand stuff. When something is secondhand, you sell it for a remarkably lower price because it is sold “as is where is.” Refurbished software took time and effort before resale. Here are reasons why you should buy refurbished servers: Click to read more… 

Saves Money

Upscaling old servers to look like new ones is a way to get quality product and save money. Buying a new server is a very healthy decision. However, what if your organization does not have the budget yet? Refurbished servers are the best options for you. They work as fast new servers do, and you can buy just a fourth of the typical new servers—all servers’ functions in the same way. The difference lies in more advanced features and the new shell of newly manufactured servers. More importantly, most refurbished servers are changed on the inside to run efficiently. Your company could save money that you could use to buy the company a CRM system and the like. You could save on advertisements. Whatever the purchase is, the gist is that there is money to spend.

Good for the Environment

If the pandemic has not yet been an eye-opener to how the environment could wreak havoc on people, then humanity hasn’t learned a lesson. With brand new models coming in and out due to the diligence of software engineers, it is hard to say yes to something which has been used already. If you saw the movie Artificial Intelligence, you would be surprised at how many iron cases are used up in a year. Utmost respect to developers for creating new models, but refurbished servers are an alternative. Having a server for a company is a pre-need. Refurbished servers serve as a gateway.

Good Maintenance

New servers with brand new features perform well. Although when bad luck knocks, they become down for a while. Unfortunately, one of the disadvantages of a new model is hard to find parts. With refurbished servers, maintenance is super easy. You need to know the exact specs of your machine and many options online and offline would present themselves. Buying parts that are already in the market gives you the chance to compare prices. The best thing is you save a lot of time and effort waiting.

The Friendly Tech Guy

One of the most extraordinary things that a customer could get from a refurbished process is the support and assistance from the seller from start until issues arise. Maybe it is an isolated case, but customer service staff of refurbished servers are usually kind. Refurbishing a server takes a lot of time. The time spent on it makes the technicians and engineers grow an attachment to it. The good thing about makers of refurbished is knowledgeable about different models. They will tell you some techniques on installation, management, and aftercare process. They might even give you free manuals and tools for maintenance.


While some new models ordered on the internet require patience since you are in the queue, Refurbished servers are readily available for people who want to choose. All you need to do is pay, and it would be delivered to you. Refurbished servers are usually on-hand and sold in promotions too.Each machine’s life span depends on how careful the owners are.

Hardware and Software Makeover

Refurbished servers are like remodeled cars and re-upholstered furniture; they are updated on the outside and the inside. While others may suffer a bit of mark from previous owners, some technicians overhaul the outer shell too. Picking of units is mainly your discretion. Some technicians might also offer a customization package. Of course, when your server is new, keeping it on stock appearance is more likely. With a refurbished server, you may place a logo and paint it in your brand’s color. Again, not everyone offers this kind of customization.

Familiar with New Features

Maintenance helps, but there are times when you are on your own. The familiar features of your servers make them easy to use and manipulate during troubleshooting. Furthermore, there are many groups of users available should you have questions and answers. With refurbished servers, product reviews have already been made. The texts are available for reference and might help in decision-making. Peers might be more familiar with a refurbished unit rather than a new model. This helps you use your unit to its maximum potential.

Refurbished Servers Warranty

Getting the value for money when buying refurbished furniture from legit distributors is already given. Costumers are buying the valuable item that is slightly older and getting more updated software and drivers; the warranty is a bonus. With many people being cynical about how great a refurbished server is, getting a warranty is an assurance. A return warranty is generally issued in the early stage of purchase, while a service warranty ensures clients their units are checked from time to time for free. Usually, the greater the risk of the unit is, the longer the warranty period.


Given these benefits of buying a refurbished server, of course, the consumer still has the right to buy a new server. New servers still have advantages over refurbished servers since they are just fresh off the market. Economically speaking, refurbished servers can still help many start-ups who want to improve their data centers. There is no right or wrong when buying one’s equipment, only preference.  Everyone would only determine each server’s compatibility with your company in the long run. A new and refurbished server could both be assets to your organization.

Should you feel the need to purchase servers, it is crucial to go to someone you can trust. Seven IT may help you with your questions. For inquiries on the best models and how to purchase, please email us your information at info@sevenit.com, and we would be glad to assist you.

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Refurbished desktop computers: is it safe to buy them?

If you like to save money when buying electronic devices, you might like to consider buying a refurbished product. But how much do you know about refurbished computers? Do you know about the difference between used, open-box, off-lease, and refurbished desktop computers? Many people think that buying a refurbished PC means buying a secondhand PC Desktop with poor quality and without any warranty. We are here to tell you why they are wrong. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know before purchasing a refurbished computer.. Click to read more…

what is a refurbished desktop computer?

If you like to save money when buying electronic devices, you might like to consider buying a refurbished product. But how much do you know about refurbished computers? Do you know about the difference between used, open-box, off-lease, and refurbished desktop computers? Many people think that buying a refurbished PC means buying a secondhand PC Desktop with poor quality and without any warranty. We are here to tell you why they are wrong. In this article, we will talk about everything you need to know before purchasing a refurbished computer.

What is the difference between refurbished, used, off-lease, open-box, and renewed desktop computers?

An important thing you should know before purchasing a new desktop computer is the difference between renewed, used, and refurbished desktop computers. This information may change your decision about what is the best choice for you.

Used desktop computers

Used computers are the cheapest option for anyone who wants to buy a laptop. Buying a used desktop means that you are buying a secondhand computer that has been used by someone before. You can find these computers on intermediary sites like eBay or Craigslist. Since used desktop computers are usually sold as they are, they may have minor or major cosmetic damage. When buying a used desktop computer, you have to rely on the owner’s knowledge to clean and test the device before selling it. In fact, you cannot be sure about the product being problem-free as the product is not backed with a warranty. If you have decided to buy a used desktop computer, make sure that you can return it for a refund if anything is wrong with it, and test it quickly after you buy it.

Open-Box desktop computers

When a product is labeled as “Open-Box,” it means that the packaging has been opened. Open-box computers have likely been returned for some reason which might be something other than being damaged. An Open-Box product might be a computer that a shopper changed their mind about. The reason can be as simple as not liking the color, however, the product may have been used for some weeks. Open-Box computers are around 20% cheaper than new computers. But when you buy a refurbished PC, you can be more sure about the product being in a like-new condition as they are tested before being sold.

Refurbished desktop computers

These products may have been used before, and then sent back by the customer. The reason customers send these products back can be a problem, or because they simply didn’t want them anymore. Refurbished computers sellers will repair everything that is damaged and test the device to assure it works properly. Sellers also clean the computer and replace worn exterior parts like the faceplate or buttons in many cases.
Refurbished products come with a warranty, but it is shorter than the warranty of new products. Sometimes buying a refurbished PC from the original manufacturer gives you access to the tech support you would get with a new product. You may also see the refurbished products named as “refurb,” “reconditioned,” or “renewed.”

Certified refurbished desktop computers

A desktop computer refurbished by a third-party company or individual is called a refurbished desktop computer. But if a manufacturer, dealer, or an authorized third-party refurbishment company does so, the computer is called a certified refurbished desktop computer.

Renewed desktop computers

In most cases, when someone talks about a renewed laptop, they mean refurbished. But renewed desktop computers in Amazon are products that are either refurbished, preowned, or open-box. Although preowned computers may have scratches or dents or other minor cosmetic issues, they are in fully functioning conditions.

Off-lease computers

Off-lease computers are devices that were lent to a company for a period -usually two or three years- by the manufacturer. The company returns the computers at the end of this fixed period and rents newer modes. What you see as off-lease deals are these old models being sold after being refurbished and certified.

The refurbishing process

Different companies have different refurbishing processes, but all in all, the refurbishing process has almost fixed steps. It is all about repairing spare parts and returning them to the warehouse or to the equipment. 
In short, different steps of the refurbishment process include:

  1. Sourcing cores
  2. Sanitization
  3. Triage
  4. Data wipe
  5. Repairs, replacement, and reassembly
  6. Testing and quality control
  7. Cosmetic repairs
  8. Software installation and licensing
  9. Packaging and shipping

What are the benefits of buying refurbished PCs?

Not many people have unlimited budgets to purchase the latest brand-new tech as soon as it comes out every time. If you are one of the people who can’t keep up with that sort of lifestyle, you can think about buying refurbished PCs as a much more affordable way to get new-to-market tech. However, you may have to wait for a few months before refurbished models of brand-new releases become available on the market.
Moreover, buying refurbished products is a good way to help the environment as it reduces the need for manufacturing new computers.

Is buying refurbished desktop computers risky?

As long as the refurbished computer you are buying has been cleaned and reset properly, there is nothing to worry about. However, if you want to buy a refurbished desktop computer, don’t forget to pay attention to the terms of sale, warranty, and return policy. Try to find a reliable seller and ask about the warranty; sellers may offer you a full warranty, a 90-day guarantee, or say that you can’t return the product. Another thing you should consider is the product’s grade. As the last point, it is better to test the refurbished products before the warranty ends.

Refurbished desktop computers’ grades

One thing you should have in mind when buying a refurbished PC is paying attention to the grades the products are marked as. Many suppliers have a grading guide to explain what they class as different grades. Refurbished desktop computers’ grades can range from A-D. Being labeled as an A-grade means that the refurbished PC is the most pristine (and possibly the most expensive one), while grade-D products are more heavily-worn (and the cheapest).
All refurbished desktop computers are supposed to have the same high-functioning components and security no matter how much their appearance is damaged. You can see what the grading scales are based on, on each sellers’ website.

Final words

Whether you have a limited budget or want to be eco-friendly when buying a new PC, refurbished desktop computers are the best choice. Comparing refurbished computers to open-box, off-lease, used, and renewed computers shows that purchasing a refurbished computer is the safest and most economical option for those who don’t want to buy new computers to enjoy the latest tech. However, there are different things you should have in mind when buying a refurbished computer the most important of which is finding a reliable seller.

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