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Your go-to source for used multimedia used projectors from industry-leading brands such as NEC and Panasonic. Pay us a visit to take advantage of our excellent prices, plethora of options, and lightning-fast shipping.

Used Projectors

Used Panasonic PT-DW5100U Projector

Panasonic PT-DW5100U Projector is featuring 5500 lumens. It displays easy to view images and texts. This projector has a quality of presenting widescreen images on a large area. There is no issue due to limited ceiling height.

Used NEC MT1065 Projector Room Projector

NEC MT1065 Projector is a room projector. It is flawless and versatile. It is the best choice for room meetings, conferences, and for personal use as well.

Used NEC NP3250W Projector

NEC NP3250W Projector has a contrast ratio that is 500:1. Its native resolution is WXGA (1280×800) and the max resolution is 1600×1200. It is listed among the good mechanism projector of NEC.

Used Christie LW300 Projector

Christie LW300 Projector is a WXGA conference room projector. This lamp-based projector has the eligibility of displaying 3,000 Lumens at its brightest setting with a native resolution of 1366×768.

Used NEC NP4001 Projector

NEC NP4001 Projector is a portable DLP projector that can be conveniently carried from boardrooms to classrooms. This portable DLP projector delivers images with clarity and sharpness.

Used NEC NP3150 Projector

NEC NP3150 Projector has impressive performance when it comes to quality-oriented visuals, videos, and presentations, this projector is considered to be the priority among all the products.

Used NEC NP2000 Projector

NEC NP2000 Projector presents supreme presentation with adorable clarity. It’s the perfect choice to keep. The 1024×768 pixel resolution of this NEC LCD projector provides the best images and videos.

USED NEC NP3250 Projector

The NEC NP3250 is the introductory multimedia projector that has an integrated stacking feature that boosts image brightness up to 5000 lumens. Due to the 3LCD display technology, this NEC LCD Projector projects cinematic video for a power pact presentation.
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